Success Stories


Late one night, Mr. A. was involved in a fender-bender accident in Elmwood Park . A local police officer was nearby and directed Mr. A. to drive to the nearby police station to complete an accident report. Once in the station, another officer decided to have Mr. A. perform field sobriety tests, and ultimately decided to charge him with a DUI.

Because this was Mr. A’s second DUI arrest within five years, he faced a three year statutory summary suspension, and revocation of his driver’s license if found guilty.

Mr. Wallin conducted a statutory summary suspension hearing, at which time he questioned the officers who were involved in the arrest. Mr. Wallin then argued to the Judge that the facts of the arrest did not show that the officers had reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. A. had been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the arrest. The Judge agreed, and rescinded the three