Success Stories

Wallin uses video to exonerate client!

J.C. was arrested and charged with DUI by a local university police department after a property damage accident.  Mr. Wallin obtained over six hours of videotape of his client in the police station, and multiple drafts of police reports, including memos suggesting “corrections” to earlier drafts.  The evidence showed that Mr. C. walked sturdily (including walking up steps in the police station while handcuffed) had no difficulty removing his belt or shoelaces or following instructions.  Despite what was put in the reports, he was willing to perform a breath test, but a sergeant talked him out of it.  Afterwards, the sergeant allowed him to take a portable breath test, but did not record the results.  After hearing from multiple witnesses, watching the video, and considering written motions, the judge found Mr. Wallin’s client not guilty!.