Success Stories

Case tossed after Judge finds officer’s testimony incredible

Client SB was eating at a Chicago restaurant when an altercation broke out between one of her companions and another party.  Chicago Police arrived on the scene and made some arrests.  An officer gave SB the keys to her companion’s car and told her to leave.  Seconds after she pulled out of a parking lot, a Chicago Police officer pulled her over.  During a hearing, the officer claimed that SB had committed a traffic violation which was the reason for the stop.  However, attorney Harold Wallin showed the court that it was impossible for her to have committed a violation in the short amount of time and distance that SB was in the car before being pulled over.  At the end of the hearing, a Cook County Judge found that the officer’s story was incredible and that he did not have probable cause to make the traffic stop.  As a result, all charges were dismissed.