Success Stories

Client wanted to plead guilty, but is now glad she didn’t

Client K.N. did not want to go to trial.  But attorney Harold Wallin was convinced that the evidence in her case was insufficient for a conviction.  He convinced Ms. N. to take the case to trial. . Here are her comments, posted on another website:  “I just got home from court (2nd court date) and now feeling like myself again because Harold just got me out of a DUI (my first and hopefully only). Like anyone who’s been charged with DUI, I was scared and humiliated. After two days of shopping around for a good and affordable DUI lawyer, I found Harold online and read all of the reviews about him. I decided to give Harold a call based on the positive reviews and after our consultation I hired him, all the while not really sure if I had gone with a ‘good-enough” lawyer to get me our of my DUI (I don’t believe anyone could be sure in this type of situation until court has taken place). Harold was not only honest and straight-forward, he KNOWS what he’s doing. My case went to trial because Harold believed I had a good chance of having the DUI charge dropped. I’m so glad I took his advice. Harold was swift and effective while cross-examining the officer during trial. His series of questions to the officer truly impressed me and effectively gained the answers that worked in my favor from the police officer. I was blown away when the judge said “Not Guilty” on the DUI charge. The only two charges I was found guilty on were ‘Improper Lane Change’ and ‘Failure to Signal.’ I am elated and feeling like a ton of weight has lifted off my shoulders. The ordeal is over and I can be myself again! Thank you so much, Harold, for your excellent expertise as a DUI lawyer!”