Success Stories

DUI tossed after Judge finds one of Chicago’s Top DUI Cops to be a liar

Mr. V. was driving down Western Avenue when one of Chicago’s top DUI cops pulled him over for “improper lane usage” — even though Mr. V. had not left his lane of traffic nor weaved, swerved or drifted during the four long blocks that the officer followed him.  After performing several field tests, Mr. V. was arrested for DUI and later took a breath test with a result over 0.08.  As it was his second DUI arrest, he was facing the possibility of a license revocation, which would wreak havoc with his family obligations.  Attorney Harold L. Wallin filed a “Motion to Suppress” alleging that there was no lawful basis for the traffic stop.  At the hearing, the officer changed his testimony as to how often Mr. V. allegedly weaved, where the weaving took place, and how far away the officer had been when he “observed” all this.  Also shown was a “dash cam” video which showed the officer getting into his squad car after finishing another traffic stop (as Mr. V. passed by in the opposite direction) and the officer immediately making a U-turn to follow him for several blocks until making the stop.  The Judge, upon hearing all the evidence and watching the video, declared that the police officer had not been truthful, and noted for the record that this had been the first time that he had made such a finding in the 2 and a half years that he had been on the bench.  After the State’s Motion to Reconsider was denied, the case was dismissed.  (On an earlier court date, the summary suspension of the client’s license had been rescinded for other reasons).