A New Five Star Client Review on AVVO

An anonymous client posted the following review and gave Harold L. Wallin Five Stars:

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being charged with a DUI (and doubly so in a case like mine where you made the terrible choice to drink and drive for a “2nd time”), you need not look further than Harold Wallin as one of the best choices for an attorney to represent you. I admit that after he cleared me completely of a DUI conviction several years ago, I was dumb enough to let it happen again in my life. That being said, I did not even think twice about hiring Harold immediately with my second DUI charge. Right away he was able to save my license from being suspended for six months under the Statutory Summary Suspension. Now being that I had tested a little over .08 BAC this time (and again that it was my 2nd time being charged), I knew this likely was not going to have the same outcome as my 1st case. But in the end Harold was able to have my case reduced to a reckless driving charge with the 12 month supervision period. I do strongly feel that I may not have had such favorable results with a different lawyer. Harold is a quality and affordable attorney who knows all the ins and outs of the legal system. He is very prompt, courteous, and treats his clients with utmost professionalism. From my experience I can definitely say that you are in great hands with Harold Wallin.