A review from a happy client

Earlier this week, a client of mine who has a commercial drivers license (CDL) had his DUI dismissed.  Earlier, I had won his license suspension.  This was the second time I have done this for this client.  Not only did this save him from the usual consequences of a DUI, it saved his career.   One DUI means a year long disqualification of a CDL; two DUIs are a lifetime disqualification.

The client posted a nice review of me on  Here it is:

An extremely amazing person!

Posted by Bogey, a DUI client,

 Overall rating Excellent

Trustworthy Excellent
Responsive Excellent
Knowledgeable Excellent
Kept me informed Excellent
  • I recommend Harold Wallin.
  • I hired Harold < 1 month ago.
  • Harold handled my DUI / DWI matter.

I simply cannot say enough good things about this man. He not only is a good lawyer but he truly does care about his clients! He has helped me twice so far and hopefully I wont need him again but if I ever do I will definitely call him again!