Another Five Star Review

Another satisfied client left a five star review on AVVO.  Here is an excerpt:

In April of 2019, a nightmare happened in my life. I was at a bar having drinks with my friends celebrating the life of a former classmate that passed away unfortunately. Next thing I knew I was being awakened by the police because I fell asleep behind the wheel of my car with my foot on the break at an intersection. I was arrested and charged with a DUI and a violation of my Conceal Carry license having my firearm with me in the car. I was so humiliated and feared losing my Driver’s License. It was a difficult time for me I had never been in trouble before in my life. I was very afraid of what could happen. Harold Wallin was referred to me by a close friend that went through a DUI charge. I can’t use enough words to express my appreciation for this man. He helped me by getting me Supervision and he saved my Driver’s License from being suspended. A suspension meant automatic suspension from State employment, pending discharge. Mr. Wallin was honest, calm and cool, very knowledgeable, professional, and he charged a very fair fee. Not only that, his responses to my emails and texts were timely. Yes, texts! He is very personable and reminded me of court dates and his status through is phone. This meant everything to me because his communication gave me the confidence I needed to know that my case was in the right hands and that he was trustworthy. Being afraid of the potential outcome of my life, this simple, yet huge gesture made me feel like my issue mattered to him. I would recommend Mr. Wallin to anyone looking for the right attorney for their DUI case. You MUST hire the professional that knows what he is doing, and this is Harold Wallin!