IL to consider changing law that gives lifetime revocations to anyone with 4 DUI convictions

For the last 15 years, Illinois has had a law on the books that prohibits the Secretary of State from reinstating the license of anyone convicted of four or more DUIs, so long as the last conviction occurred after January 1, 1999.  The law also prohibits the Secretary of State from giving clearance which would allow the person to get a license in another state, even if some other state would otherwise do so.

Now, Northbrook Rep. Elaine Nekritz is proposing a bill which would give these people one more chance to get a restricted driving permit five years after their treatment or incarceration.  A Judge would have to approve the permit and could control where and when the person would be allowed to drive.

This makes sense to me, since many individuals have been blocked from getting a license even after years of abstinence.  Isn’t it better to give people a reason to rehabilitate themselves as opposed to discouragement?  Don’t we want legal and insured drivers on the road, or do we want to encourage revoked drivers who are not insured?