New law will eliminate waits to get driving permits

Under a new law that will go into effect January 1, 2016, persons who have license suspensions or DUI revocations won’t have to wait to obtain driving relief.

The new law eliminates the 30 day waiting period before a person can obtain a Monitored Device Driving Permit (“MDDP”) after a first offense DUI statutory summary suspension.  So, as long as the paperwork has been processed in time, a person can suffer no loss of license during a first offense statutory summary suspension so long as he or she agrees to install a breath ignition interlock device (“BAIID’).

The law also allows persons with repeat offense summary suspensions to apply for a Restricted Driving Permit (“RDP”) once their DUI case has been resolved.  This eliminates the wait, which can last as long as three years, for a person to seek a permit.

The new law will also allow people whose licenses have been revoked for DUI convictions to apply immediately for a RDP.  Currently, a person has to wait one to five years to apply for reinstatement.