Old Illinois DUI keeping you from getting your license in another state?

If you received a conviction for a DUI in Illinois, or you received an out of state conviction for a similar offense at a time when you had an Illinois license, Illinois will revoke your driving privileges, thereby preventing you from obtaining a valid drivers license in another state until you have cleared up your situation with Illinois.

There are two ways of going about it, but both require a hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State.  One is a live hearing, in the State of Illinois.  The other is through a mail-in packet.  In either event, the Law Offices of Harold L. Wallin can help you.

This week, one of Mr. Wallin’s clients, Michael was granted reinstatement through an out of state mail-in packet.  Here is a quote from the five star review that Michael left on AVVO:

Mr. Harold L. Wallin was contacted by me to find out if he would take an out of state DUI. I lived in Chicago when I got the DUI, but I moved out of state due to family emergency. Mr. H.L. Wallin took the case and gave me guidelines to follow. I followed instructions and what I did comprehend he explained clearly. He was patient and empathy. I was able to get my license reinstated due to his excellent professional knowledge.