Our August victories

This month I won my only DUI case that went to trial.  This client had his whole future on the line — if he was found guilty of this case, he would lose his driver’s license and current job (I had won his summary suspension case already, but because of a prior DUI, he would have his license revoked if convicted of this case).  In addition, he had a pending expungement petition for an older felony case when he was arrested for this case which would have been denied if he was convicted, thus making it extremely difficult to continue in hischosen career path.  This client was arrested in Chicago after a property damage accident on a cold, rainy night.  Both the complaining witness and a Chicago police officer testified that they believed he was intoxicated.  The prosecutor was very aggressive in arguing the case.  However, I was able to raise questions about both witnesses’ ability to properly determine whether a person was intoxicated, and the judge found that the evidence failed to meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard.  Now the client can move on with his life.  In addition, I obtained three statutory summary suspension rescissions.