Wallin’s December Victories

In the month of December 2013, Mr. Wallin reports the following victories for his clients:  1)  A client who was stopped by Riverside Police after allegedly driving over 70 mph in a 30 mph zone and then arrested for DUI was found “not guilty” of both aggravated speeding and DUI after a bench trial with a judge at the Maywood Courthouse; 2)  A client who was stopped by State Police after he failed to stay within his lane of traffic on I-57 and was then charged with DUI was found not guilty after a bench trial at the Daley Center in Chicago; 3) a client who was pulled over by a state trooper for speeding and whose license was suspended for one year for refusing a breath test had his license suspension rescinded by a Cook County Judge after it was determined that the trooper did not follow the proper procedures during the arrest; and 4) a client whose license had been revoked after her second DUI was granted a Restricted Driving Permit after a hearing was held before the Secretary of State.