Wallin’s June Victories

In June, Mr. Wallin had the following results:  One client, charged with a Chicago DUI, had his case dismissed by prosecutors on the day of trial.  A CDL driver, who was arrested in Chicago for a DUI, had his statutory summary suspension and CDL disqualification rescinded.  Another client had his statutory summary suspension rescinded after a judge in Bridgeview ruled that the State Police trooper lacked reasonable suspicion to arrest him for DUI.  A client who was arrested in Rosemont and charged with Battery was found “not guilty” by a judge in Rolling Meadows.  Mr. Wallin was able to obtain probation for a client who was charged with multiple burglaries (and for whom a veteran probation officer had predicted would receive a sentence of 35 years).  Mr. Wallin was also able to obtain probation for another client charged with identity theft, which required Mr. Wallin to change a judge’s mind after he had already decided on a prison sentence.  And a client whose license had been revoked by the Secretary of State after a DUI conviction was granted a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP).