Wallin’s November victories

In November, 2013, Mr. Wallin reports the following victories:  1) a summary suspension rescinded at the Skokie Courthouse for a woman who was stopped for driving without headlights.  Mr. Wallin was able to show that she did not show sufficient signs of impairment to justify a DUI arrest; 2) a summary suspension rescission at the Markham courthouse, for another client who was stopped for no headlights, even though the officer’s squad video showed that the headlights were in fact turned on; 3) a not guilty for a client who was charged with DUI (cannabis) after he was stopped at a DUI “safety check” that was being conducted by Chicago Police.  The police claimed that he smelled of marijuana and admitted having recently smoked a blunt.  The arresting officer had the client perform standardized field sobriety tests and then arrested the client.  At trial, Mr. Wallin’s objections kept out the results of the field sobriety tests, and the client was found not guilty;  4) a not guilty for a client who was stopped by University of Illinois at Chicago Police for driving without headlights.  After she allegedly failed field sobriety tests, she was arrested for DUI.  The judge granted Mr. Wallin’s motion for a directed finding after the state had rested its case. 5)  a boating under the influence charge was dismissed in lieu of payment of a civil fine; and  6) a client who had been previously revoked for a fatal accident after he had been drinking (underage), had his license reinstated.