Wallin’s October victories

In October, Harold Wallin had the following victories for his clients:  1) A client who had been charged with DUI after he had been involved in a single car accident was found not guilty.  At trial, Mr. Wallin was able to successfully object to the introduction of blood and urine tests (which would have shown results of 0.13) because the state failed to present a proper chain of custody and present a laboratory technician.  2)  Mr. Wallin also obtained a finding of not guilty for another client who had been discovered asleep behind the wheel of his parked vehicle by a Cook County Sheriff.  A Chicago Police officer and paramedics arrived on the scene and the client was taken to a local hospital.  After his release, he was charged with DUI.  Mr. Wallin presented testimony from the emergency room doctor, which along with contradictions between the prosecution’s witnesses, resulted in the Court finding that the case had not been proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  3) A client who had been arrested and charged with DUI was found not guilty after a bench trial.  At trial, the officer claimed that the client was shaky on field sobriety tests.  Mr. Wallin presented weather reports showing that on that night there were strong, gusty winds (the arrest occurred on the night when the Hurricane Sandy weather arrived in Chicago).  After hearing all the evidence, the defendant was found not guilty.  4)  Another client was found “not guilty” after a trial at the Markham courthouse.  On a previous court date, Mr. Wallin obtained rescission of this client’s three year summary suspension.  5)  Another client had her DUI reduced to negligent driving after Mr. Wallin was able to obtain an order barring important evidence from the prosecution’s case.  6, 7, 8 and 9)  Four clients obtained relief through the Secretary of State — two obtained full reinstatement of their driving privileges and two obtained restricted driving permits.  10)  Also, Mr. Wallin obtain a court order sealing the records of a client’s four criminal cases.