More use ignition locks under new Illinois DUI law

By MICHAEL TARM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Posted┬áJul 04, 2009 @ 01:12 AM CHICAGO – Several thousand Illinois residents won’t be able to hop in their cars and leave if they have one too many drinks at a Fourth of July party, thanks to a new law that already may be saving lives here and in […]

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New DUI law and device

New DUI law and device give a choice to people pulled over for their first DUI case: Prove sobriety every time they drive or get a suspended license Law expands the use of BAIID, or Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device By Kristen Schorsch | Tribune reporter July 14, 2009 About 3,600 Illinoisans accused for the […]

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Police crack down on drunk drivers

by Katie Frank August 12, 2004 If you feel like someone is watching you this Friday the 13th, you might just be right. On that night, the Chicago Police Department will send its 27-foot Breath Alcohol Testing Truck (a.k.a the “B.A.T.T. Mobile”) and Roadside Safety Check team to the intersection of North Avenue and Albany […]

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